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Reiki FAQ

What happens in an Energy session?
During an Energy session, the person lays on their back fully-clothed on a massage table. Soothing music is played in background. The person is encouraged to relax while the practitioner uses a combination of off-the-body and light touch techniques. The person may feel sensations of heat, coolness, or tingling during the session. Afterwards, the person may feel heightened energy, relaxed, or a sense of well-being.

How does the Energy work?
The energy is pulled into your energetic field, or aura, by the immune system. Energetic blockages can occur in the aura, leading to problems in the immune system, and eventually cause physical pain or illness. The energy helps to clear the blockages, relieve pain, and promote balance and health.


Does one have to believe in the Energy for it to work?
One does not need to believe in the energy to feel it’s affects. A brief session can be given to someone, allowing them to judge for themselves. Belief has nothing to do with success or failure of a Energy session, however one must be willing to accept the energy. It is completely up to the person as to how much releasing takes place. The Practitioner is simply the facilitator of another person's clearing of blockages. You do have free will. If you decide not to receive Energy, you will not receive the Energy.


What is a medical intuitive?
A medical intuitive is a Practitioner that uses his/her intuitive abilities to get information directly from a person's body. The body knows exactly what is going on with a person, so the Practitioner taps into the energy of the person's body to assess their needs.


Who can learn Energy?
Anyone can learn Energy. One does not need to have psychic skills or previous energy work.


Can the Energy be used for “self-care”?
Yes. During a Self-Carei I class, students learn the basic hand positions which can be used on themselves . It is recommended that Energy practitioners give themselves Energy daily to maintain their own balance.


What do Energy techniques do?
All Energy techniques have the following four qualities:

  1. The ability to perform Energy is passed via an attunement, rather than developing the ability over time through meditation and other exercises.
  2. All Energy techniques are part of a lineage, starting with the one who first discovered the technique and passed down from teacher to student.
  3. The E nergy is guided by the higher power and does not require that one guide the energy with the mind.
  4. The Energy can do no harm.


What is a session crisis?

After a person receives a Energy session or an attunement, they may experience what is known as a session crisis. This experience may include mood swings, frequent bathroom visits, increased pain, or other physical changes as a result of the energy aiding the body to purge toxins and release. This can be a great benefit for you!!


Who can learn Energy? Who can receive Energy sessions?
Anybody can take a Self-Care class or a Energy session. Anybody will benefit from Reiki. It will facilitate the process of releasing severely ill individuals as well as help maintain the well-being of healthy people.


Do you have to believe in the Energy in order for it to work?
No, the energy will work regardless of whether you believe in it or not. However, you may better support your own process by letting the energy in and not resisting it. If you choose to resist the Energy you will not receive the energy.





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