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About Us

Reiki Harmony Center is the professional practice of Mike Hilwig that is now part of ALETRIS Center of Integrative Medicine. Reiki Harmony Center's goal is to provide a safe and welcoming space for anybody in need of Energy services.  The Self-Care method is a main goal for every client and student of RHC. We also provide spiritually-minded individuals the opportunity to learn and grow. Helping the Body Fix Itself! Reiki Harmony Center provides energy sessions for individuals.

Mike HilwigMike's Bio

Mike Hilwig is an Energy Practitioner who has been offering energy sessions since 2006. Mike's journey with energy and self-care has been life changing, with plenty of self-discovery and clearing of old patterns. Energy hygiene is a large part of Mike's life, and he has a deep passion in assisting others discover their self-worth. Mike believes in providing a safe space, guidance, and encourgement during each session. Mike utilizes various methods to include energy work, breath work, meditation, and self-discovery techniques. These assist the patient in releasing what is no longer needed, as well as discover answers to physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual issues. There may be home practices prescribed after each session.

Mike practices Energy Hygiene every day to include energy work, meditation, deep breathing, grounding, weight training, cardio exercise, and proper rest.

Mike enjoys being with his two wonderful children, Jordan and Crystal, music, working out, hiking, visiting the Red Rocks of Sedona, daily meditation, and Energy Hygiene.

Mike's spiritual path to Reiki started in 2006 when he signed up and took a Usui Reiki class at the Reiki Center of Greater Washington (RCGW) in Gaithersburg, Maryland, because he heard how wonderful Reiki was from a couple of relatives who are fellow Reiki Masters. In July of 2006, Mike took the next-level Usui Reiki II class. After months of practicing Reiki on friends, family and patients at the Chiropractor's office where he used to work, he developed a passion for Reiki and became an Usui Reiki Master/Teacher in May of 2007.

Mike is also a Master/Teacher of SSR (Sekhem-Seichim Reiki, taught by RCGW in November 2010) and a Practitioner of MIT (Medical Intuitive Training, Levels 1 - 4, trained by Kim Seer in 2007). In addition, he took Amy Rowland's Intuitive Reiki class in October 2006, as well as a Crystal Healing class with RCGW in January 2007 and Master/Teacher of Karuna(R) Reiki in January 2013.

What Mike enjoys most about his work is the ability to help individuals find more balance and harmony in their lives. Mike noticed that the more he uses Reiki the better his life gets, and he wants to share this way of life with you. The main focus of his practice is SELF CARE! It is so important to put you, yourself first, then to help others. Plus, the way he teaches Reiki classes is evolving in so many great ways with every class.

As of March 2016, RHC has joined ALETRIS Center of Integrative Medicine! RHC will be offering Energy and Self-Care sessions. The address is: 16421 N. Tatum Blvd Suite 129 Phoenix, AZ 85032.

Find out more and contact Mike at or 480-399-2611.





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